Blue Strawberry | Show Detail
The Samples Acoustic Duo for Father's Day

Sean Kelly and Andy Sheldon, the Samples Acoustic Duo, are on stage for Father's Day at Blue Strawberry.

With a sound all their own, Sean Kelly and The Samples have made a lasting impression on a lot of people. 25 years in, The Samples stay with you. What were you doing with The Samples playing?

Best known for his high voice, unique guitar playing and songwriting (“Nature”, “Feel Us Shaking”, “Did You Ever Look So Nice”) Sean Kelly is the son of a WW2 veteran and a mom who worked construction to put food on the table. Growing up in Vermont, Kelly attended one year of high school. There he began playing guitar and composing his own songs. After moving to Colorado in 1987 to start a band, Kelly and The Samples became a fixture on local club stages playing originals. Kelly’s songs have been featured in Perks of Being a Wallflower, and more recently in television’s Younger, and in ads for MSNBC’s election coverage.