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Zi The Mentalist and Your Crazy Man Improv
Zi the Mentalist will take you on a journey where miracles and impossibilities happen right before your eyes! Can you trust your senses?  You may need to rethink your answer after experiencing Zi’s amazing mentalism. Zi has performed at the Kranzberg Theater, the Mayor’s Mardi Gras Ball, and the St. Louis Science Center. His mind feats have been featured on Fox 2 News & The Riverfront Times. Come enjoy Zi’s amazing exploits firsthand!
Since their initial meeting in improv class 5 years ago, Your Crazy Man improvisers Scott Leeker and Scott Weinberg have been inseparable as improv partners, constantly challenging each other to grow in the art form. Over the years, they have performed well over 100 shows together, produced numerous others, played Flyover Comedy Festival in 2021 and 2022, and were most recently crowned  2022 Improv Shop Cagematch Champions. They regularly perform at the Improv Shop. Whether performing a Harold, monoscene, movie, or montage, you'll always have a great time watching Your Crazy Man conjure up unique relationship dynamics, fast-paced games, and a lot of fun and energy!