Blue Strawberry | Show Detail

The Twangadours

The Twangadours return to the Blue Strawberry stage on Friday, June 9th, for their FINAL PERFORMANCE!
Yes, the Twangadours are ending their musical journey after 6 years of performing together and exploring the sounds of Rock, Pop, Country, and Soul. They will be playing songs from throughout their career in one final Jukebox Jamboree!
Join them as they say goodbye and thank you with songs from Bob Dylan, Linda Ronstadt, It's a Beautiful Day, the Allman Brothers, Steely Dan, Tanya Tucker, the Doors, the Jefferson Airplane, and many more. Music for everyone covering some of America's classic styles and beyond!
Lead vocalists Mary Vassar (percussion), Joe McGrath (bass guitar), are backed by St. Louis's own Larry McMahon on guitar and vocals, Joe Dreyer on keyboards and vocals, and they are excited to have the very talented St. Louis drummer, Ron Carr, back for their final performance!
The Twangadours want to acknowledge the significant contributions that their good friend and original drummer, Tom Grote, made to the sound and direction of the band.