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The St. Louis Steady Grinders

The St. Louis Steady Grinders are a piano/vocal duo that specialize in the low down blues of the 1920s and 30s. Featuring Valerie Kirchhoff (Miss Jubilee, vocals) and Ethan Leinwand (piano), the pair have been entertaining audiences with their uniquely St. Louis style of blues since 2014.
They have performed across the United States and Europe, from an Alaskan saloon to a storied Viennese jazz club. They have headlined blues and boogie-woogie festivals in France, England and Austria, and are regulars of the ragtime and early jazz circuits in the US.
"Ethan and Valerie have a certain brash tenderness that is very much appealing... and even when they perform songs that are by today’s standards 'ancient,' they seem full of emotion and fun." - Michael Steinman JAZZ LIVES