Blue Strawberry | 3 Songwriters Together for an Intimate Night of Song | Neil Salsich, Beth Bombara and Lynn O’Brien

Neil Salsich, Beth Bombara and Lynn O’Brien

Neil Salsich

Neil’s first memory around music was when his father made a mixtape for him. He listened to it relentlessly to the point of wearing it out, but growing up, Neil never saw music as a career. During high school, he gigged in coffee shops around St. Louis for fun when he wasn’t playing sports or in class. In college, he majored in English with a minor in music and ended up failing his minor. Thankfully, he didn’t let that stop him from pursuing something he was passionate about. In 2014, Neil quit his day job to pursue music full-time with his band, The Mighty Pines, and is still with his band today. He appeared on Season 23 of “The Voice.”

Beth Bombara

It’s not that it’s retro, really, but there is something of a different era about her music – it has an earnestness to it, an organic depth that feels natural and easy. The Columbia Tribune notes, “Her songs live in the same world as greats like Petty and Dylan; Gillian and Joni, and grow up like trees drawing nourishment from their roots.Bombara spent years on the road in other bands before encouragement from peers led her to start writing and performing her own music. “I never set out to be a lead singer,” she admits. I struggled with anxiety and talking into a microphone just froze me up.” With her new album It All Goes Up (out on Black Mesa Records) she continues to impress, taking on the role of frontwoman, songwriter and producer. Her songs have been played on radio stations coast to coast, and landed a spot as a featured artist on BBC Radio. 

Lynn O’Brien

Described as a "musical force of nature," Lynn O'Brien is an award-winning vocalist, songwriter, and performing artist with a soulful, dynamic voice. She has captivated thousands of audiences with her healing original songs/albums, well-loved covers and compelling vocal improvisation - blending genres like folk, jazz, pop, soul and blues. Alongside her career as a performer, Lynn also worked as a board-certified music therapist with hospitalized adults for years, and also developed a private practice as a coach, consultant and speaker (always integrating music in creative and strategic ways). Whether soaring solo or collaborating with artists around the world (from belly dancers to book authors to Bobby McFerrin himself), she brings a deep sense of presence, authenticity and inventiveness to every performance. Lynn is thrilled to now be based in St. Louis and partnering with local artists, venues and audiences.