Blue Strawberry | More Reflections of LOVE from the Great American Songbook with Johnny Valentine and the Band Divine | Johnny Valentine

Johnny Valentine

By popular demand, Johnny Valentine and pianist Ptah Williams return to Blue Strawberry with an all new program, this time with the Joe Park Trio to form The Band Divine. 
According to jazz legend Oliver Johnson, “JohnnyV is as smooth as butter.”
Ptah Williams is one of St. Louis' finest jazz pianists, able to shine both as a soloist and as an accompanist. As an accompanist, he supports the soloist with a style that is dynamic and innovative, yet never overpowering.
The Joe Park Trio is one of  St. Louis’s premier jazz ensembles. Led by guitarist and virtuoso, Joe Park, and joined by bassist Ben Coan and drummer Drew Weiss, the Trio has multiple recordings in both Nashville and St. Louis.