Blue Strawberry | Live At The Last Hotel with Steely Dan | Hard Bop Messengers

Hard Bop Messengers

“Live At The Last Hotel” and Steely Dan. The latest release from John Covelli’s Hard Bop Messengers, Hotel is a jazz album that literally tells a story. The visionary, original, genre-defying musical journey that reminds you of what jazz can be, was born from a residency at the REAL Last Hotel in downtown St. Louis. Each song paints a picture with bounce and bustle, that takes you to a place and time that somehow feels both nostalgic and modern. The lyrics tell the story of the trials and tribulations of a fictional hotel through the eyes of its employees. 
Covelli knew he had something special when he assembled this group and he gives them all room to shine. Nick Savage, Chris Meschede, Luke Sailor, and Ben Shafer are, like himself, of the esteemed Webster University jazz program. Matt Krieg, originally from St Louis, puts the vocals where they need to be to tell Covelli’s lyrical tale. 
Covelli has played in dozens of bands over the years and learned just as many styles. His compositions are infused with such influences, including Latin, funk, chamber-classical, soul, blues and rock, and he hopes the result will have the audience tapping toes and bobbing heads along with every tune.