Blue Strawberry | Country Singer-Songwriter | Izabel Gray

Izabel Gray

Izabel Gray is a singer-songwriter born and raised in St. Louis, MO. From her earliest years she knew she was born to be on stage and share her love of music with everyone willing to listen. In July of 2021 she made the move to Nashville, TN to pursue her dreams. Since then her career has been booming from several releases, hundreds of shows, and thousands of smiling faces in her audiences. Izabel charms everyone who hears her with her bubbly and positive personality and her storytelling that makes listeners feel that they already know her. Izabel is so excited to come home to play Blue Strawberry and bring a little Nashville to St. Louis. You can find what she’s up to on all of her social medias and listen to her songs on any streaming platform. 
Thank you to Bill Stine for graciously sponsoring Izabel's appearance.