Katie McGrath Katie McGrath

Rick Jensen, MD

Jeffrey M. Wright and Peter Dunne, Special Guests  

Katie McGrath became a Garth Brooks fan in 1990 when the release of his first album, No Fences, coincided with her move to Dallas, TX. “It was impossible to turn on the radio or walk into a store without hearing Garth Brooks. I went with the tide and became a believer.” Katie’s new show shares music from Brooks’ albums along with songs he covers in concert with his wife, Trisha Yearbook, including his own favorites from James Taylor, Billy Joel, Bob Seger and more. In her usual fashion, Katie will weave the songs around stories from her gypsy life in St. Louis, Denver, Chicago, Dallas and New York. 

100% of McGrath’s proceeds will benefit St. Louis non-profit organization, Pianos for People. 

Quotes from critics:

“Katie McGrath has already pursued, captured, and pretty much perfected cabaret performance.” Gerry Geddes, Bistro Awards

“It doesn’t take long to figure out McGrath’s style is stand-up cabaret and in that, it’s different, refreshing, and completely entertaining. Her demeanor is a delight, with a honey-tinged voice and personal magnetism that says ‘genuine article.’” Marilyn Lester, Cabaret Scenes

“When was the last time you saw a gal walk into a room looking like a fashion model (Cheryl Tiegs in the day); then sing like an angel and deliver one-liners like a stand-up comic?” Sue Matsuki, Cabaret HotSpot

“(McGrath’s Show) ‘Significant Others’ was, in short, a perfect blend of laughter and tears delivered by a singer who is now a master of her art, riding on Jensen’s impeccably tailored arrangements.” Chuck Lavazzi, Cabaret Scenes