Sophie Carpenter Sophie Carpenter

A Box of Letters - CD Launch Party

St. Louis Singer-Songwriter Sophie Carpenter takes the stage at Blue Strawberry to celebrate her brand new CD.

    "A Box Of Letters" is my newest collection of original songs," says Sophie. " I’m excited to have Pete Ruthenburg on keyboards and co-producing it with me.  I wanted to keep it simple so my only accompaniment is Pete with the help of Al Caldwell on Fretless Bass and  R. Scott Bryan on Cajun and percussion. These talented  musicians are old friends and they knew intuitively how to bring out the best in the songs.  Needless to say, their sound is effortless and gorgeous.  Pete and I have worked together since the mid-ninties when we recorded my piano-vocal cd, '15 Songs'.  I’m in love with how he interprets my musical ideas.

     I’m primarily a poet and as I write, I think of chords and melodies.  I’ve been writing ever since I realized the connection between my heart, emotions and the world around me.  Writing songs and playing guitar was the perfect refuge and a way for me to make sense of things.  Life can be confusing but words can be magical especially when interwoven with music.  Together, they can take our hearts to an amazing aesthetic level."