Stryker’s Coming Back with a Mainstage Show!

Stryker’s superb Pop-Up Piano Bar (#1 Piano Bar Entertainer on the Holland America Cruise Line) brought Blue Strawberry back to life last summer and fall after we were closed for four months as a result of Covid. Now Stryker’s coming back with his own mainstage show.

With covers and originals, Stryker tells the story of early successes, a sudden and swift downturn, his homeless years, and his return. 

Stryker began playing piano by ear at the age of four. He started touring the United States with his family in Gospel tent revivals at the age of nine. While away from music for years, he pursued martial arts (5th Degree Tae Kwon Do); produced "opening ceremonies" for world-class sporting events; produced/directed television and film projects; and after a sudden turn of fortune, found himself homeless from 2002-2004 on the streets of Hollywood.

Stryker’s return to music started in local piano bars. His unique style of piano and vocal performance have moved audiences in 100 countries, 300 cities and 7 continents, as he became a "top-tier" entertainer for Holland America Cruise Line (where he was voted #1 Piano Bar Entertainer.) When the cruise lines crashed with the onset of Covid, he found himself, after non-stop work for a dozen years as the Piano Bar Star of a cruise line, looking for a new gig. Blue Strawberry was lucky enough to hook up with him, and we are very grateful that we did. He's a gifted entertainer and storyteller.

The Love-Child of Elton John & Liberace. -- Piano Bar Owner

A Genius!-- Rene Froger, Dutch Superstar

 I put you up there with Victor Borge. -- Lester Hamilton, Borge’s Stage Manager

You are an excellent entertainer and deserve a bigger stage. -- Lorna Luft

A portion of the proceeds from the show will be donated to St. Patrick Center.