The After 5 Jazz Party!

with Eric Slaughter, Glen Smith and Everette Benton 

ROBERTNELSON an American jazz singer, has earned critical acclaim for his captivating live performances before spellbound audiences, returns to Blue Strawberry for The After 5 Jazz Party!  

     This sophisticated affair, inspired by the roaring jazz parties of the Harlem Renaissance, and groovy cabaret shows of the 50’s and 60’s, climaxes with sleek 70’s soul classics and 80’s rhythmic nostalgia.  

On the heels of Return to Love, his recent sold out performance at Blue Strawberry, the acclaimed Rhythm & Jazz singer is accompanied by Everette Benton on drums, Glen Smith on bass and Eric Slaughter on guitar. Special surprise guest will join the the party 

     The evening borrows notes from the jazz era of prohibition and rhythms of modern Jazz Montreux culture. Experience this musical ode to speakeasies of New Orleans, Cotton Club cocktail lounges of Manhattan, with it's sexy glamour of Studio 54.

ROBERTNELSON’s After 5 Jazz Party, with its broad musical scope, is a musical landmark that lifts spirits and promises good times and memories for lovers and friends that will last a long time.