Just After Zero Just After Zero

Born and raised in the bars and open mic circuit of Saint Louis, Just After Zero is finally coming to Blue Strawberry for a night of acoustic punk guitar and polite conversation.

Featuring the percussive musical stylings of Talking Heads and the introspective lyrical composition of Les Claypool, John Liming and his stringed counterpart Mary will lead you through a guided vivisection of modern American boredom: Saturday afternoon infomercials, gas station radios, small town cults, telemarketers, and failed internet comedians.

"The man has something to say, an eccentric style and presence and a pretty good flair for arrangements. I think we’re going to hear more from him for sure, and the riffs and refrains from some of these tunes are already firmly lodged in my brain." - Kevin Renick, ZacharyMule.com