Todd Mosby and Joe Mancuso Todd Mosby and Joe Mancuso

Christmas in America 

Acclaimed guitarist and composer Todd Mosby, and renowned vocalist Joe Mancuso, team up to present a show that ushers in the Christmas season. Todd and Joe conjure a Christmas past through a present-day lens. Performed in a chamber-jazz style, and informed by Mosby’s contemporary syntax, the arrangements bring a fresh sound to holiday classics. 

Todd Mosby: acoustic/electric guitar        Joe Mancuso: vocals        Willem von Hombracht: bass        Casey Adams: percussion 

Todd Mosby is ranked in the top three of the Contemporary Instrumental-recording-and touring artists category,according to BT Fasmer of New Age Music Guide. A world-class artist, Mosby’s music is broadcast worldwide. He won ZMR Album of the year in 2020.

 “This is as brilliant a recording (Mosby’s latest) as I have ever been associated with.”— WILL ACKERMAN, FOUNDER WINDHAM HILL RECORDS

Joe Mancuso is an award-winning vocalist who has earned critical and popular acclaim for his powerful and dynamic range of baritone jazz stylings. A master at placing notes with the most tasteful use of syncopation, Mancuso swings! The St. Louis native has phrasing that is exciting and unique.  Joe creates an intense, raw energy delivered with complete control.