Sya Collins Sya Collins

Sya Collins, St. Louis native, has been singing and performing her entire life. With nearly a decade of experience in the wedding band scene, she has honed her craft and is ready to step into her own. Sya is ecstatic to be making her Blue Strawberry debut with her first performance under her own name! And if that weren’t reason enough for a party…it’s also her birthday!


For her 23rd anniversary of life, Sya presents a night of her favorite songs, backed by a few of her favorite musicians (and people) in the world. Trained in classical and jazz performance, Sya brings a fresh, versatile show that will engage every audience member. You’ll hear both old and new school R&B/soul, with a sprinkle of jazz and musical theater. This is sure to be a night of great music, love, and celebration!”


Adaron “Pops” Jackson, piano 

Zebadiah Briskovich, bass

Miles Vandiver, drums

“Sya Collins is one of those vocalists that when you hear her, when you see her perform, it's somehow both refreshing and nostalgic at the same time! She really has a timeless quality about her that I feel will be enjoyed by listeners spanning over generations!”- Alicia Olatuja 


“One of the most sought after vocalists in the Midwest, Sya has that perfect blend of Classic Jazz and Contemporary Pop while adding her own bluesy touch to round out a unique and one of a kind sound that everyone needs to hear!” - Kim Stamps