Antwoinette "Pig" Harris Antwoinette "Pig" Harris

Antwoinette "Pig" Harris is not your typical "girly girl".  She loves and relishes being unconventional.  As a matter of fact, she lives for it.  As the only girl in a house full of boys, she is just as rough as they are.  She's a rarity in the music industry as a whole, and even more so here in STL.  She's a female drummer AND a vocalist.  

Pig will make her debut performance at Blue Strawberry and will mesmerize you with her sultry vocals and her phenomenal drumming skills.  She is truly the total package.  Backed by power house musicians Mark Harris II- Pianist, Charles "Bud" Quarrells- Bass, Alex Bruce- Percussionist, Fred Lamont Patterson- Lead Guitar, Corey "SaxMo" Allen,  and some special musical guests, you will be treated to a musical journey sure to set your soul ablaze!