Morgan Taylor Morgan Taylor

Morgan’s recording career started at the tender age of 11, after spending her childhood obsessing over Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and Beyonce.  Her talent evolved quickly as she progressed through high school.  Shortly after her first local performances, she began appearing in some of the most noteworthy venues in her hometown, including the Fabulous Fox Theatre.  

Band Members:

Elexus Adams, keyboard

Jameson Falconer, keyboard

Tayari Chambers, bass

Sam Castro, guitar

Todd Merriweather, percussion  

Makayla Jones, background singer 


Now approaching adulthood, Morgan has the wisdom and professionalism of a seasoned pro.  She is currently enrolled at Berklee College of Music, where she is working with the top talents in the industry to raise her career to new heights.  With her undeniable talent and unstoppable ambition, there is no telling what impact Morgan could have on the music industry