Jeannette McNeil-Adams Jeannette McNeil-Adams

Jeannette McNeil-Adams is the freshest face on the St. Louis Smooth Jazz and R&B music scene, with a mission to remind us never to give up on our dreams. Always around music from an early age, Jeannette developed a love for singing, but her desire to help people took center stage in her life for fifteen years as she became a full-time nurse. Ready to share her gifts with the world, Jeannette has become the stylist to the St. Louis stars and has another gift to share: her song. Most recently, she has been singing background with Cheri Evans and her band, Cee JazzSoul, but it is finally her turn to be in front. Prepare to be entertained and inspired as Jeannette shows the world that dreams really do come true, and music from your heart lives forever.


Cheri Evans, Creative Director

Phillip Graves, Pianist, Music Director

Drew Exum, Drums

Leland Crenshaw, Lead Guitar

Jordan Brewer, Bass

C. Jay Conrod, Chandler Turner , Keisha Cole, BGVs

Special Guests