Joe Metzka & Rich McDonough Joe Metzka & Rich McDonough
Joe Metzka & Rich McDonough acoustic duet.   
Duet album "Live Vol 2: Acoustic" (2020) is available online and in person (CDs). 
Rich is featured on Joe's other recordings as well ("Another Disaster," 2021)
"Joe Metzka is not your average blues man. He moved to the sacred ground of St. Louis and assembled a world class band that delivers a full package of blues, soul, funk and jazz seamlessly. The charismatic vocals, confident solos and killer grooves of this group will take you to the next level of appreciation for a live music experience you deserve." - John May, St. Louis Blues Society
"Rich McDonough is a name synonomous with great Blues guitar, a fact long known to Blues lovers around town."  - Dave Beardsley,