Curt Landes Curt Landes
I enjoy playing at, in, or upon berries of all colors, so I am particularly pleased to be scheduled for another little solo session in the Blue Strawberry. Rejecting stylistic monogamy, I will a musically polyamorous variety of widely varying selections. Expect jazz interpretations of compositions of the recently passed great Chick Corea. I'll also do some blues, Latin music, JS Bach, some of my own original music...and, to be consistent w/ my aforementioned fondness for berries, I'll perform a few by Chuck, with whom I've had the pleasure of performing years ago at Blueberry Hill. Ok... I'll also play "Blueberry Hill." You may say this is bigamy… & I say that would be big of you to join me on April 17!
Born in New Orleans & raised in Louisiana & Arkansas, Curt Landes moved to St. Louis in his teens. His musical adventures have led him to share the stage with (at least) 4 members of the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame. Curt has played with internationally acclaimed artists Albert King, Chuck Berry, Johnnie Johnson, Glen Campbell, John Hartford & the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra.... & he has opened shows for comedian David Brenner, singer Phoebe Snow, & acclaimed jazz groups SpiroGyra, & The Yellowjackets. Curt has performed at many major music festivals nationally & regionally.