Ethan Leinwand's Barroom Piano Ethan Leinwand's Barroom Piano

 Come out to Blue Strawberry to enjoy barrelhouse blues piano in its natural habitat. Ethan Leinwand will be stompin 'em down to the bricks in the front barroom,  playing the raucous and low down gems from the old St. Louis blues, boogie-woogie and ragtime traditions!

 Ethan Leinwand is a barrelhouse blues pianist and preservationist based in St. Louis, MO.  A student of the music's rich history and varied regional styles, Ethan presents personal interpretations of the great (and forgotten) old-time masters.  Combining elements of boogie-woogie, ragtime and early jazz - all with a low-down blues feeling - barrelhouse blues is a two-handed piano style built to to keep 'em dancing all night long.  Having performed and taught throughout the United States and Europe, Ethan is recognized as one of the leading exponents of barrelhouse piano.