Amy Armstrong Amy Armstrong

Amy Armstrong has star power.

A unique blend of standout cabaret singer and standup comedian, Amy has a beautiful voice and a big-time stage presence. And she is incredibly funny - turning bawdy and risqué in the most pleasantly tantalizing kind of way - when the audience and the time is right. (It will be the right time and the right audience at Blue Strawberry.)

Amy has performed for 27 years in 40 countries. Born in Detroit, she lived in Chicago for many years, where she quickly became one of the Windy City’s go-to talents. She moved to STL a few years back, and spends time here and in Mexico. Amy is admired widely on social media, with more than 50,000 followers across all platforms.

Amy performs with The Hitmen – guitarists, backup singers and harmonizers Phillip Russo, Thomas Conway and Matt Hitchcock.

Blue Strawberry is very excited to welcome Amy Amstrong for her Blue Strawberry debut!