The Lionel Richie Experience Featuring David Graham The Lionel Richie Experience Featuring David Graham

………Is a one-of-a-kind, one-stop shopping entertainment event not seen since the “Rat-Pack” days of the early 1960’s.

Slip helplessly under the spell of two-time “Comedy Central” veteran David Graham’s sizzling, clean stand-up as he hits those hard-to-reach areas of the comedic nervous system. 

From family discipline (Mama’s Greatest Hits), to a spell-binding Motown “mini-tribute” with David doing all four-parts harmony of the Temptations all by himself, acapella. 

Then David introduces the mighty “Retrospect Band” while they play him off-stage on his last joke, then put you in the time machine with fifteen minutes of 70’s and 80’s mega hits. 

Next watch David “re-emerge” joining the band as passion and memories fill every corner of the night with the monster hits of the fabulous Lionel Richie! From the “Commodores” through his stratospheric solo career!

 With several amazing surprises along the way…………

……….you’ve just had………….”The Lionel Richie Experience”! 


Stephanie Oguine opens the show. Stephanie is a Nigerian-American singer-songwriter, born and raised in Los Angeles. Traversing an array of genres including folk and soul, her songwriting vividly explores themes of hope, courage and redemption. Her music is "from the journey and for the journey." Listeners are struck by her stylistic and heart-driven vocals.