Raw Earth Raw Earth

Raw Earth makes world music. Sounds are twisted, bent, fused and reinterpreted to give listeners a taste of the old world but always with the flavor of our American melting pot. We have searched for peace, harmony and good times for over 15 years.

We pride ourselves in being the area's and region's only band to take listeners on a world tour of sound from Cairo to Clarksdale, to the Serengeti and reaches into Celtic and pagan realms. Our percussionists have played together for over 10 years and offer a rich heartbeat for dancers to enjoy a very live pulse rarely encountered in our modern- day virtual lives.  As we like to say, "take a trip to the canyons of your soul, you will be experienced."  

We will have one of the area's premier dancers in Korvina who specializes in dancing to live sounds and will bring beauty, grace and a unique interpretation to the Raw "Casbah-ssippi" carpet ride.   

From Chicago to Memphis, Indianapolis to Kansas City, the sounds of the Raw Earth people are unequaled in variety and genres.  

Ivan Martin - percussion and vocals    Steve Lewis - percussion and vocals    Rick Costa - percussion    Doug Foehner - guitar    Paula Klender-Carmody - flute

Dan Faupel - bass