Eleri Ward Eleri Ward
Until very recently, Blue Strawberry thought that it had seen and heard everything Sondheim. We were profoundly mistaken. Eleri Ward's take - with a guitar - is strikingly, luminously original.
Blue Strawberry cannot be less chill or more shrill in suggesting that you see this show in 100 seats while you can. Eleri and her music are Tik Tok  phenomena - see video below left - and her Joe's Pub debut in March in New York is already sold out. 
Eleri Ward – New York City based actor, singer, and musician – makes her Blue Strawberry debut with A Perfect Little Death: Acoustic Sondheim to celebrate the release of her album from Ghostlight Records, which takes Stephen Sondheim songs and reinvents them with ethereal, acoustic guitar arrangements. After gaining a viral TikTok following, Eleri’s project was released to great acclaim and impressive streaming numbers, and will be followed by national tour dates over the upcoming year.
A Perfect Little Death – called “a harmonious marriage of musical theater and indie folk music, with hauntingly beautiful arrangements” by Forbes and “an incandescent new record, something genuinely new” from American Theater Magazine – creates Eleri’s own niche, embodied by swirling harmonies and her original point of view.