Elsie Parker & The Poor People of Paris - POSTPONED Elsie Parker & The Poor People of Paris - POSTPONED

Elsie takes the listener on a guided tour of one's own heart.  A kaleidoscopic view of "Falling in Love Again" via iconic songs of Edith Piaf,  Marlene Dietrich, Charles Aznavour, Barbara Streisand, Michel Legrand, Venessa Paradis, Eddy Mitchell, Gato Barbieri.

Elsie Parker, French and English vocals and woodwinds        Ken Kehner, piano    Wayne Coniglio, bass    Matt Henry, percussion 

"Elsie Parker & The Poor People of Paris" have recorded four CDs: "Elle se souvient" (She Remembers) "Entre nous" (Between Us), "Je t'aime encore" (I Love You Still)  and "LIVE!" from The Sheldon 

"WOW, Elsie Parker IS Edith Piaf reincarnated!!!  Amazing.  Thanks for sending, so good to hear what your band does." Sylvia McNair

 “Elsie is able to musically transport the audience to another place and time..and what a journey. We’re just lucky to tag along.” -Steve Potter Cityscape St. Louis Public Radio.

"Her beautiful vocals are perfectly matched to a wide variety of French popular songs...with more than just a touch of jazz."    Steve Pick  St. Louis Post-Dispatch  

"..son interprétation est magnifique et particulièrement séduisante". André Bernard  Paris TV "La Chance  aux Chansons" 

"Her interpretation is magnificent and particularly seductive."