The Twangadours
The Twangadours return to the Blue Strawberry stage on Friday, December 30th! They'll be Twangin' in the Showroom with another one of their Jukebox-jam-bo-rees, this time with an emphasis on the music and classics of the '60's. 

The Twangadours began their musical journey in 2016 with a long ride through the backroads of Country Rock and Americana.
2022 finds them road tripping through '60's Rock, Pop, and Soul, with an occasional side trip to the '70's and beyond. Join us as we ride with The Jefferson Airplane, It's a Beautiful Day, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Doors, Linda Ronstadt, The Allman Brothers Band, and everyone else that shows up on our musical road trip.

Strong lead vocals by Mary Vassar and Joe McGrath (also on bass) are backed by seasoned St, Louis musicians Larry McMahon on guitar, Joe Dreyer on keyboards and vocals, and Tom Grote on drums and vocals. Music for everyone covering some of the best music of America's classic styles and beyond!