Blue Strawberry Is Covid Careful

Restricted Capacity and Hygiene. Tables are spread out and capacity restricted (capacity down 50%.) Temps taken. Masks required to come inside and leave, and any time you get up from the table. Staff wears masks at all times. Gallons of hand sanitizers everywhere. Staff wipes tables and seats down when tables turn.

Aerosols. Scientists suggest that singing is an activity associated with an increased risk of audience exposure to the COVID virus. In order to minimize that risk, singers perform from as far upstage as possible. The front row of tables is several feet from the lip of the stage. This creates 10 feet of space between the singer and any audience member.

Ventilation and Air Flow. Before we opened in the fall last year, we had work done on air delivery in the room, adding some new venting for better air flow. As of July 2020, we also have a brand new rooftop compressor exchanging air more efficiently in the room. We also have 12’ high ceilings and an expansive. 25' atrium in the showroom.

We ask you to stay home if you have a cough, feel run down, have a fever, or have any other symptoms. We at Blue Strawberry are doing all we can to keep you, our singers and musicians, and our staff as safe as possible so that you may enjoy the relaxing evening of music, dining, drinks that you deserve.