Blue Strawberry | The Writing On The Stall: A One Woman Bathroom Graffiti Musical | Caitlin Cook

Caitlin Cook

"Legendary cock lobster." "My life is on fire, I think I'm in love." "Life ain't all burritos and strippers, my friend." These are just three examples of the bathroom stall graffiti that Caitlin Cook has been obsessing about and photographing for over a decade. Confessional, immersive, and uproariously funny, this one-of-a-kind show—literally set in a dive bar bathroom—transforms graffiti scrawled all over the stalls into the lyrics of her original songs and trail markers along the journey she takes us upon. Through these irreverent, poignant, and often obscene messages, Cook reckons with our shared humanity and what we owe each other. May include: slingshotted panties, milk pistols, and a cowboy dick (complete, with spurs!). 
Enter the bathroom at your own risk: not all the graffiti in this bathroom is humorous or light-hearted. This show touches on such topics as death, suicidal thoughts, sex, disordered eating, and illustrated genitals (e.g. cowboy dicks and very fancy vaginas). 
“Inventive and hilarious.” — David Cross 
“If you aren’t worshipping her already, start now.“ — Ilana Glazer 
“Funny and fabulous!” — Cat Cohen 
“She’s absolutely lovely, but she wears a lot of velvet, and I hate that texture.” — Daniel  Sloss 
“The writing, the songs, the performance, the comedy, the heart—this show has got it all in  spades.” — Jo Firestone 
“Go see this show.” — Michael Che 
“She's killer. Big fan!” — Mark Normand 
“An extremely funny and unique voice.” — Daniel Simonsen 
“So funny and also incredibly moving.” — Isabel Hagen 
“The bard of the bathroom we didn't know we needed.” — David Goldsmith 
“Marvelous. A real story about a human being. Funny, heartwarming, and very rewarding.”  — Sean Patton 
“The best show I've seen in a long time.” — Steve Rannazzisi