Blue Strawberry | Wicked New Orleans Blues and Jazz Piano. Lyrics and stories smart as can be. | Davis Rogan

Davis Rogan

As seen on HBO's Treme and Anthony Bourdain's The Layover, Davis Rogan brings his funky New Orleans piano and sardonic wit to the Blue Strawberry for one night only!
“Davis minces no words and pulls no punches, like the Crescent City itself, he is a force to be contended with.” - Ani DiFranco 
 “Davis Rogan is a funky, unfettered genius.”  - Jonathan Lethem 

Davis Rogan draws his musical inspiration from Professor Longhair and Fats Domino, as does every New Orleans rhythm and blues piano player. What separates Davis is his lyrics. The wit, irony and self-deprecation echo Randy Newman, but the wry observations about life, humanity and New Orleans are uniquely his.
This combination of roots music and sharp lyrics, heard in the 2005 release, The Once and Future DJ, drew auteur David Simon to Davis as David prepared his HBO series about New Orleans, TREME. Davis began working as a consultant and, over six years and four seasons of the show, served as an actor, a scriptwriter, a piano coach, a songwriter and the muse for the character Davis McAlary. By the series’ end, Davis had written or placed more music in the show than any other  musician.