Blue Strawberry | Celebrate Juneteenth in Song, Story and Tap | Lonnie McFadden and Chloe McFadden

Lonnie McFadden and Chloe McFadden

Son of famous tap dancer "Smilin' Jimmy McFadden", Lonnie McFadden is a piece of Kansas City musical history. Every weekend Lonnie McFadden presides over a packed Lonnie’s Reno Club in KC, where he sings, taps and plays trumpet. Ravishingly talented, he is 100% a nightclub guy, the professional’s professional - thoroughly charming, endlessly energetic, a total smooth dog. He is smilingly laser focused on entertaining his wildly appreciative audience in the way it’s always been done.
Lonnie breaks away from his club for a midweek road trip to Blue Strawberry. To St. Louis’s great good fortune, coming along for company is Lonnie’s beautiful, extravagantly talented daughter and heir apparent to the McFadden musical dynasty, Chloe McFadden. She is the next gen of McFadden’s to make the floors sing. It’s a family affair, and anybody who knows what nightclubs can be at their best should not allow themselves to miss this one.
With Lonnie's old friend and favorite St. Louis piano player Ptah Williams and his trio.