Blue Strawberry | | Christian Kirk & Kevin Glazer present ASTROLOVE

Christian Kirk & Kevin Glazer present ASTROLOVE

Join musician Christian Kirk and artist Kevin Glazer for an evening of music and art with "Astrolove". Astrolove is a collaboration between Christian and Kevin exploring both the sonic and visual landscapes of some of their favorite tunes with a touch of cosmic connectivity.... aka love.

Christian Kirk is a musician and Emmy winning content creator, born and raised in St. Louis, MO. Starting in the late 90s, Christian was involved with multiple musical projects, most notably the band Lojic who shared the stage with acts like Fuel, The Urge and Naughty By Nature. After releasing two albums and a live concert DVD, Lojic relocated to Los Angeles, playing at venues like the Key Club, House of Blues and The Viper Room on the Sunset Strip. Later that year they won the world battle of the bands competition in Hong Kong, facing off against 300 bands worldwide. After Lojic disbanded, Christian returned to St. Louis in 2010, launching an ad agency that he currently runs while continuing his music endeavors, which include the project Toymaker and several solo releases.

The artist from St. Louis, MO known as KMG uses a mixture of original photography and other found images to create a commentary on Pop Culture with the common thread between what's going on currently and the previous four decades. Originally identifying as a graffiti and street artist, over the last few years he has focused on using a dye sublimation process to create the layered collage effect on metal plates. For the Vice and Virtue exhibit, Kevin collaborated with the poet, Ryan Bry. He currently hangs in five galleries in the U.S. and abroad and has been involved in major contemporary art events like Art Basil and Street Art LA.

Guest Musicians: Grant Essig, Meghan Kirk, Adam Ehrlich, Adam Hansbrough, Teddy Brookins, Jesse Gannon, Roland LaBonte, Chef Eddie and more.