Blue Strawberry | and The Avalon Jazz Band | Tatiana Eva-Marie

Tatiana Eva-Marie

Nicknamed “the Gypsy-Jazz Warbler” by the New York Times and acclaimed as a “millennial shaking up the jazz scene” by magazine Vanity Fair, TATIANA EVA-MARIE is a transatlantic bandleader, singer, and actress based in Brooklyn. 
Tatiana brings the Avalon Jazz Band along with her. Best known for her work leading the Avalon Jazz Band - Dion Berardo on guitar, Wallace Steltzer on upright bass and Davide Laura on violin  – a band with a Parisian “vintage” flair that has gathered 80 million views on YouTube – her interests have led her to explore a wide range of musical styles, from 1930s pop to modern jazz. Tatiana Eva-Marie’s singing is always inspired by her own French and Romani heritage; a love for the Parisian art scene era spanning the 1920s to the 60s; a passion for Gypsy music and a deep connection to the Great American Songbook. 
Through the lens of this musical kaleidoscope, she explores the music of Django Reinhardt, Sidney Bechet, Cole Porter, and other composers who were at the origins of French jazz, while adding her own original lyrics and arrangements to the mix.
In the past two years, Tatiana Eva-Marie has been expanding her touring across the United States and Europe, and building a devoted online following among jazz fans and music lovers worldwide.