Location & Hours

364 N. Boyle, St. Louis, MO 63108

5pm to 10pm, Tuesday through Sunday

Singers and shows, with good food and drink at tables and chairs.

The Blue Strawberry Story:

A while back, a guy went on a trip with someone he was way into. Their destination was an enchanted north-country island dropped into a crystalline inland sea, with a hint of rusty red on the bottom in the late afternoon sun, perhaps from the iron in the hills. 

The days of wonder began at the little island grocery store, where he found strawberries, the first of the season, that to him looked more blue than red. They were there at the store every day, and every night in the few restaurants. Blue Strawberries were a sign. They told a story he thought he knew the end of.

He want back many years later, alone, and stopped at the little store, nearly unchanged, and asked about the blue strawberries. His question was met with a long pause. "Never saw a blue strawberry around here, or anywhere actually."

Was the magic gone?

He was pulled to bring it back. He visited the growers, and was told by each and every one, "Strawberries are red." 

No they're not all, he cried. For he knew it to be so.  

He was never to see or taste another blue strawberry.

He resolved to keep safe the memory.

It was there once, and it would one day come again.

The Blue Strawberry Story

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