Steve Brammeier Steve Brammeier

 Steve explores his journey from graduating Senior to (ahem) senior.  The stories, headlines and the music of '68; how that year shaped my life and maybe yours....even if you graduated in '78, '88, '98 or later.  

An alum of McCluer High School class of '68, he along with most of the rest of his class turned 68 in their 50th graduation anniversary year.  1968 was a monumental year in history.  Looking back, who were you in high school? Do you appreciate how political, cultural and scientific events from 1968 are reflected in where we find ourselves today?  Do you see a connection between THEN & NOW? 

"Steve creates a commanding stage presence in the most understated way imaginable." - Jim Dolan

"You sing with such utterly unforced truthfulness. You sing as you, not a pretend contrived show-business invention of you; what we see and listen to is real Steve - this is disarming, and relaxing, and completely captivating." -Patrick Sandford, award-winning theater director

"For over 50 years I have listened to the song (I Am A Rock) many times, but hearing you sing that song gave it a new and special meaning.  While you were singing, I felt as if I was hearing the song for the first time.” - Audience Member

Rick Jensen, Piano