Jeffrey Carter Jeffrey Carter

Jeffrey Richard Carter has succumbed to the cabaret bug, and is presenting his second show about growing up and being musical.   At Webster University, Jeff is Professor & Chair of the Department of Music. He leads the only undergraduate program in the country in musical direction for musical theatre.  He is the recipient of 'best supporting actor' and 'best musical director' awards for local theatre work.  Jeff's a composer, voice teacher, singer, collaborator, and music director with international credits. He promises that he will cry at least twice in this show.

Songs I WISH Mother Had Taught Me is a light-hearted remembrance of a very Christian mother who couldn’t sing to save her soul.  

 Off his performance in She Loves Me at Insight Theatre, local critics said:

“Jeffrey Carter is a delight as Sipos….” ~ Joe Pollack

“Best of all is Jeffrey Carter, whose rendition of “Perspective” gives the whole production a subtle edge.” ~ Judith Newmark in the Saint Louis Post-Dispatch

“Jenny Ryan and Jeffrey Carter are particularly memorable.”  ~ Two on the Aisle

“Jeffrey Carter capably completes the cast with a nicely etched interpretation of the kindly if timid Sipos, offering observations with a dry and droll manner.” ~ Ladue News

Music Director: Nic Valdez