Blue Strawberry | with special guest Eleanor Dubinsky | Dario Acosta Teich Quartet

Dario Acosta Teich Quartet

“Known for pushing and expanding traditions…the whole improvisational jazz experimental thing is really cool.”  - NPR
Dario Acosta Teich’s masterful guitar technique serves an endlessly imaginative musical mind. He has spearheaded jazz ensembles, composed for orchestras, and improvised with jazz icons such as Mike Stern, all while cultivating his deep Latin American roots. Acosta Teich’s music takes listeners on an jazz tour of Argentina’s varied sonic regions, presenting his homeland in new sounds based on age-old rhythms and contexts: some pensive, some festive, all fresh.
Originally from Argentina and now based in New York City, Dario is thrilled to perform his album FOLKLORE for the first time in St. Louis. Nominated for Best Jazz, Alternative Folk and Instrumental Album for the 2023 Mercedes Sosa Awards (Arg.), FOLKLORE blends the pulsing rhythms of South American folk with dynamic elements of jazz and improvisation. Expect to travel south across borders and to traverse landscapes of the Andes with this boundary-defying sonic adventure!

The band:
John King (Bass)
Demarius Hicks (Drums)
Jason Swagler (Saxophone)

Special guest: 
Eleanor Dubinsky (Vocals)